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BM404 - Venue Zone Mixer


The BM404 is a versatile mixer zoner that can be used in most multi-zone venues. Its four inputs can be directed into any or all of the output zones. All four output zones can be set to mono or stereo, adjustable microphone override is available and there is the option to fit remote volume (RC3/1) or volume and tone (RC3) control units to the outputs.

Inputs one and two are for microphones, they are mono and have three-band EQ and priority over inputs three and four. Override can be switched on or off and the sensitivity is adjustable. Phantom power is also available. Inputs three and four are stereo line inputs. Input three is factory configured for use with tape decks, radio and other music sources. Input four is factory set for CD players.

The flexibility of this zoner mixer allows other combinations of mic and line configurations to be factory set if required. Plug-in boards are available should changes need to be made retrospectively.

Our PA4-50 four channel power amplifier is compatible with this unit.

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Four input, four output venue zone mixer

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& spec

Four inputs, four outputs, flexible configuration, stereo or mono outputs and remote control facility... The perfect venue zoner.

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