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CM802 - Remote Control Church Mixer


The CM802 mixer with its eight inputs, two outputs and remote control is particularly suitable for church sound systems. Being extremely user friendly it can be operated with a minimum of experience or training.

All eight inputs can be switched between line and microphone levels and phantom power is also available. For added flexibility the signal from each input can be directed to either or both of the outputs.

The remote unit is connected via four-pair category five data cable and gives the user on/off and volume control for each channel. The remote unit can be either permanently wired to the main unit or a series of RJ45 sockets can be used to allow the remote to be plugged in to different places for different occasions.

Three-band equalization can be added via a plug-in card giving adjustment via presets within the main unit.

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Eight input, two output remote control church mixer

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The CM802 remote control mixer is very user friendly... ideal for church sound systems and any situation where minimal training is required.

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