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Security and Safety Products


Our Signal Processing Unit (SPU) and iDS Speech Messaging System were design to the specification of one of the UK's leading DIY superstores. They have been using the products to protect their stores since 1995.

Both the SPU signal processing unit and iDS speech messaging system were re-engineered in 2004 and the products are now on general release.

We specialize in false alarm elimination and stored speech systems and would be happy to look at new products if you need a bespoke solution to your own security requirements.

The Emergency Light Testing equipment automatically carries out all the periodic checks that are legally required and records the results. This system is currently undergoing changes and we are seeking a test-bed installation.

We are also able to design and manufacture electronic security equipment to your own requirements.


automatic emergency light testing system

Reliable false alarm reduction systems in DIY warehouses
across the UK

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